Öppet brev till Vanessa Picarello, Senior Director of Public Relations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd

Is it really true that Norwegian dumps sewage in the Baltic Sea?


Attn. Vanessa Picarello

Dear Vanessa,
Is it really true that cruise ships dump waste water, including sewage, into the Baltic sea?

If your company is to make a profit from cruises on our beloved Baltic sea, you should act responsibly and take care of your waste like you do with any other trash.

The Baltic sea is a bad state already and the sewage dumped from large cruise ships damages the fragile ecosystem even further. Sewage is a contributing factor to blooming algae.

Can you assure me that your company's ships will always use the free sewage treating services in ports to keep the Baltic clean?

I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Jacob Sternius

Stop dumping sewage in the Baltic Sea

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