Öppet brev till Lyan Sierra-Caro, Corporate Communications, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Is sewage really dumped into the Baltic by Royal Caribbean cruise ships?


Attn. Lyan Sierra-Caro

Dear Lyan,
After learning that it is common practice for cruise ships to empty their septic tanks into the Baltic sea I am chocked.

If your company is to make a profit from cruises on our beloved Baltic sea, you should act responsibly and take care of your waste like you do with any other trash.

The Baltic sea is a bad state already and the sewage dumped from large cruise ships damages the fragile ecosystem even further. Sewage is a contributing factor to blooming algae.

Does your company’s ships dump sewage into the Baltic sea? If you do, how do you motivate this?

I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Jacob Sternius

Stop dumping sewage in the Baltic Sea

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