Öppet brev till Michele Andjel, Head of Public Relations, P&O Cruises (UK)

Do P&O dump sewage into the fragile Baltic sea?


Dear Michele,
Is it really true that cruise ships dump waste water, including sewage, into the Baltic sea?
Cruise ships in the Baltic produce hundreds of millions liters of sewage annually and the majority seems to be intentionally, not accidentially, flushed into the sea. This cannot be compatible with any sustainability practices as there are better options available in ports.

The Baltic sea is a bad state already and the sewage dumped from large cruise ships damages the fragile ecosystem even further. Sewage is a contributing factor to blooming algae.

Does your company’s ships dump sewage into the Baltic sea? If you do, how do you motivate this?

I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Jacob Sternius

Stop dumping sewage in the Baltic Sea

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