About Signby.me

About Signby.me

We think the society is better off when citizens and decision makers are communicating better. Any one can start with a blank sheet of paper and write a message to a politician, but unfortunately it is pretty uncommon to do this. The problems include:

  • Who should I write to?
  • Finding the email address.
  • What arguments should I use?
  • How should I structure my letter?

Add shortage of time from driving the kids to soccer practice, full time job, studies, volunteering, stag party planning, crossfit training and all other activities you may be engaged in. Then only the overly motivated tend to overcome these obstacles and write to politicians. We simply want to lower the bar so more ordinary persons can have their say. For most of us it is easier to edit a complete letter to make it more personal instead of starting from scratch. With Signby.me you get help to put together your letter by selecting arguments.

We have made a few decisions to ensure the quality of the letters:

  • Instead of giving the writer the possibility of sending her message to ’everyone’, we only allow her to choose one specific recipient at a time. This way it is easier to express yourself more personal and select the most relevant recipient for the letter.
  • We suggest arguments in every campaign, but it is up to the recipient to select arguments and edit the message to reflect her personal point of view. This method helps the writer to be concise, base the letter on clear argumentation, and have a suitable disposition - these factors makes the letter clear for the recipient.

How we send emails

We don't do spam, this is very important to us! Let us tell you why the letters we send are authentic:

To save the user a lot of copy-pasting we send emails from our servers. Before we send a letter to the decision maker we want to make sure that the sending address is correct. This is done by sending a confirmation email first. This way effectively prevents anyone from sending messages from email addresses outside of their control. Responses goes straight to the sender, without involvement of Signby.me.

Are you a politician or a decision maker?

If you are a politician, civil servant, or another public person you may be included in various address books we maintain. If you are a politician you are included to make you more accessible for your voters. We currently don't offer an opt-out, but if you think we should, contact us and let's talk about it.

If you no longer hold your position or have received letters that are misdirected for some other reason – let us know at contact@signby.me and we'll fix it.