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Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sweden 2026 - Yes please!



I support Sweden's Olympic application and want us to arrange Winter Olympics & Paralympics 2026 in Sweden for the following reasons:

It will be the most sustainable Olympic games ever and unlike previous Olympics, everything will be implemented climate-neutral. There will not be built any brand new sports arenas solely for the Olympics. Transport will take place with environmentally friendly means of transport and all visitors' trips to and from the games will be climate compensated.

It puts Sweden on the map worldwide.  Four billion people worldwide are expected to follow the Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2026. We are given the opportunity to showcase our fantastic country and world-leading sustainability work. This will mean that we are in focus all over the world for many years, which is something that will benefit us for the long term.

It will unite the Swedish people against a common goal for our country. Over 20,000 volunteers will contribute to the implementation of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and there will be a broad backing of civil society, politics, business and sports, with its three million members at the forefront.

Public health in Sweden needs to be strengthened and sport plays an important role in doing so . In recent years, sedation in society has increased and we see that many, both younger and older, exercise too little. The OS 2026 will contribute to increased sports focus and stimulate many to more movement in everyday life. Paralympics will also be of great importance in increasing the interest in parasports and movement among people with disabilities.

It will be economically advantageous for Sweden in many ways. Approximately 600,000 visitors are expected to follow the Olympic Games on site and this will have major positive effects on the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants and shops will have more customers than normal and overall, revenue from tourism will increase. Only through increased VAT revenues will Sweden receive at least SEK 3 billion extra for the Treasury.

Thousands of new jobs in Sweden will be created as a result of arranging the Olympic Games. An OS requires a lot of preparation and new jobs will be created already in connection with the announcement that Sweden will be the official host country. Small and medium-sized companies across Sweden will be involved as suppliers in the preparation and implementation of the games, which means that new jobs will emerge throughout the country.

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Blake Hooton

Stöd Sveriges OS-ansökan - Vinter-OS och Paralympics 2026

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