Öppet brev till Roger Frizzell, Chief Communications Officer, Carnival Corporation & plc

Please deposit sewage in ports instead of polluting the Baltic sea


Dear Roger,
After learning that it is common practice for cruise ships to empty their septic tanks into the Baltic sea I am chocked.
Cruise ships in the Baltic produce hundreds of millions liters of sewage annually and the majority seems to be intentionally, not accidentially, flushed into the sea. This cannot be compatible with any sustainability practices as there are better options available.

There are free services for handling septic waste in many Baltic ports: Stockholm, Tallinn, and Helsinki to mention a few. Cruise lines should plan routes to take advantage of these facilities instead of dumping excrements and waste in open water. 

Can you assure me that your company's ships will always use the free sewage treating services in ports to keep the Baltic clean?

Jacob Sternius

Stockholm Sweden

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